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Outdoor play

Welcome to our international playgroup. It’s time for your little one to begin their journey in the world. The Happy Hedgehog International Playgroup is just the right place for your child! Our playgroup offers a peaceful, safe environment, easily accessible from any part of Basel. It is located in the popular area of the city, close to Schützenmattpark and SBB.

Play is the most important part of a young child's life, through which they learn about the world around them and acquire life-long knowledge and skills. At Happy Hedgehog International Playgroup we provide the right environment for this phase of their life and your child is going to learn important skills such as how to communicate in the English language properly, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to love movement, how to protect the environment and be socially aware of the world around them.

We give priority to different forms of movement that develop children's skills in many different ways, but are also a great source of enjoyment.

Teachers increase the difficulty, complexity and challenge of an activity as children have become familiar with and mastered it so that they develop understanding and skills. We provide a variety of activities and materials. In the playgroup children can play with sophisticated, carefully selected, age-appropriate toys. The learning activities and materials of our playgroup are tangible, real and relevant to the lives of young children. We sing and dance every day and not a day can pass without a tale. Initially, we read simple, easy-to-understand picture books, and then increasingly complex texts. We strive for children to be able to use the language elements they have learned more and more spontaneously. The children familiarize themselves with the foreign language in real-life situations- just as they do in the case of their mother tongue.

Healthy kids activities

Nutritious snack provided

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