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Unique Baby Shower Party at Happy Hedgehog

You dream it and we make it happen!


The tradition of celebrating a pregnancy or an impending birth is actually very longstanding. Many cultures have recognised this important aspect of life and new arrival by hosting parties or observing small ceremonies.

Looking for bright baby shower venues in Basel? With Happy Hedgehog, you will find the kind of space that is just right for you, a place that reflects your feelings and ensures that you enjoy your special time even more.


We produce unique and memorable experiences, creating everything from a stunning setting in a unique venue. Pick a theme, and we can add bespoke touches to it, ensuring an entirely unique and memorable occasion. 

We provide:

  1. Package: A place for your unforgettable party- 300 CHF

  2. Package: A place for your unforgettable party and decoration- 400 CHF


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